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PvP Balance - Raki - 12-05-2017

[Image: pvp_balance.jpg]

We tested all characters with different stat points and added bonus stats for all existing characters.
We also configured bonus stats for each class when you create in game. Our test results and bonus stats for all classes below;
  • All Class: +150 bonus stats at new character creation
  • Dark Knight+150 bonus stats. (2378 stats at max level)
  • Dark Wizard+600 bonus stats. (2826 stats at max level)
  • Fairy Elf+500 bonus stats. (2727 stats at max level)
  • Magic Gladiator+750 bonus stats (2999 stats at max level)
  • Dark Lord+350 bonus stats (2601 stats at max level)

Dark Knight: It's defense is already high and combo damage hits a lot of damage. Also dark wizard mana shield doesn't stop its combo damage good enough.

Dark Wizard: It's nova skill can kill all classes 1 hit when it explodes with maximum charge. Still SM was very weak character of mu online. Dark wizards always have vitality problems. We fixed gave them high bonus stats for they can add move vitality not to die from reflect or few hits from other classes.

Fairy Elf: Key character of mu online when it's energy build. But it was a bit weak when it's agility build. Now it's stronger with both build and still key character of the game.

Magic Gladiator: This class is very weak at PvP and there is no setting working with damage formulas in files. We tested strength and energy build but both hits very low damage and this class was even worse than wizards at original stats. We wanted to add 1000 bonus stats but I thought that can be OP some way. So we added biggest bonus stats to magic gladiator to fix its small damage.

Dark Lord: Command build will now rock. Strength build doesn't change anything a lot. We detected more str doesn't increase its fireburst damage. But more command increases horse and raven damage. When pets are lvl 50, dark lord hits really good damage.

*We tested all characters at max items that they can find in game.
**We tested all characters with lvl 2 wings + ignore option
***We tested all characters with imp on them (energy elf with guardian angel)

RE: PvP Balance - Raki - 01-19-2018

Updated PvP balance for all class stats for reset system;
  • All Class: +150 bonus stats at new character creation and constant every reset.
  • Dark Knight+2500 bonus stats. (4728 stats at max level)
  • Dark Wizard+5000 bonus stats. (7226 stats at max level)
  • Fairy Elf+4000 bonus stats. (6227 stats at max level)
  • Magic Gladiator+6000 bonus stats (8249 stats at max level)
  • Dark Lord+4000 bonus stats (6251 stats at max level)